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You can start playing right away, it is possible in HereSocialApp.com. In the Social Casino you can play all known games, as in a normal online casino. The bandwidth ranges here from poker to roulette, to name just two of the possible casino games in the Social Casino. But between an online casino and the Social Casino there are a variety of differences. And these can be seen in the simple fact that you can NOT win real money in the Social Casino. Also no material prizes are possible. Instead, the Social Casino is solely the fun in the foreground. In order to have fun with the games of the Social Casino now, you only have to call the website.

You do not have to register for the use, nor must you deposit money. Also you do not have to download any software. Simply call up the page of the Social Casino on the computer, tablet or smartphone in the browser and you can start playing. The flash-based casino games in the Social Casino always adapt to the respective end device. So you have here a good resolution of the casino game. Worth mentioning in the offer of the Social Casino is still that the platform is multilingual.

Regarding the terms of use, you have to consider two points in the Social Casino. On the one hand, you must be at least 18 years old to use it. The Social Casino is also not suitable for practicing for real money games. This circumstance you must always be aware that such a suitability is not available.